Aliens, UFO’s – Higher beings – The six realms

Do you believe in higher beings? Evolved generations? Other universes where beings have nothing but love for each other? A species where their minds are totally advanced?

Because their minds are so advanced they can go beyond the limitations of the physical universe. Quite remarkable.

I wonder if the world’s consciousness evolves to higher states, we will witness more and more the appearance of higher beings.

As far as I am aware Buddha never mentioned Aliens from other planets. He saw no need to, surely? He did not also answer a ton of other questions about creation and so forth because he taught: the way out of suffering. Everything else was unnecessary.

Do you believe that there are only 6 so called realms of existence? Do you believe in beings from other planets? If so, where do they come into it? Does it even matter?




3 responses to “Aliens, UFO’s – Higher beings – The six realms

  1. RK:
    All that we can imagine and think about ,we had created isn’t it?
    in fact ,all that stuff of creatures and beings … are existing right now in my mind..i wonder ,…in which way could it be important to be aware or not on them?
    should i feel compassion or love or renunciation ?
    Aren’t they counting with all the countless sentient beings trapped in Samsara?


  2. Hi Maria,
    Buddha said that mind is the creator of all things. And that all objects of knowledge, all, exist in every mind of every being.
    Important of them? Well, if other beings on other planets existed, then the consciousness of our entire planet would be altered. All minds of all humans on earth would face questions about their self, their religions, their beliefs, what is true nature and so on. Buddha knew that this was not important knowledge to attain enlightenment so it is my theory that he never mentioned beings on other planets. The knowledge we do need is of specific objects, such as Lamrim, winds, drops etc.
    What mind should you generate? Any mind you wish 🙂 and yes they are trapped in samsara. Just like all those hell beings or gods, we just cant see em right now 😉

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