Kadampa welcome

Welcome fellow Kadampa!

This site is a place where I will come to share thoughts, contemplations, and everyday experiences with other Kadampa practitioners. I hope you find it interesting, fun, useful and enlightening.

The title meaning – Real: How I try to see things, genuine, how it is currently,without pretense, without self-deception. This may mean that views expressed are not necessarily how I believe reality to be but it’s what appears at the time of writing. I purify it.

Real to me also means, rely upon my real self, my subtle self, allow my real pure self to speak through me and not allow myself or this site to be contaminated.

I love the New Kadampa Tradition and everyone who is a member of it. My vajra family are important to me as are the future generations of Kadampas. This site is an honest reflection of my own practice and what I experience.

It’s important to note that although it appears that I can sometimes be super-critical or penetrative in my analysis – this is however an unbiased and honest look at what goes on in my mind and not my general beliefs about things. It’s usually very difficult to do this.

Suppression of such things invariably leads to Dharma neurosis in the end, whereby  practice and Dharma analysis turns inward and is used as a power against the mind.

For example, it appears that I don’t like the world sometimes, yet this is not my real nature.  I don’t really hate anyone or anything. But it is good practice however to be honest about what appears or continues to appear as to gain mastery of navigating and not buying-into the deception of delusion or one’s own incorrect beliefs, pretension, views and mistaken awareness.

As for Kadampa Navigation: All quite straight forward:

  • ON THE LEFT: categories from Real Kadampa
  • ON THE RIGHT: Top/recent posts and Kadampa Sangha cyber blog-sites.

Many of us are lay practitioners, here is one of my favourite quotes from a famous lay practitioner:

“It is superficial to follow advice you do not follow” – Padmasambhava


4 responses to “Kadampa welcome

  1. Love that quote. If you don’t have faith in the Dharma you don’t practice it and you don’t teach it.
    Then ~ There’s no substance to what you’re doing.

  2. I find your blog to be very useful and informative, as i am currently practicing Vajrasattva ngondro. Thank you and much appreciated!
    Can you please send me the full size Vajrasattva art located on top of the page please?
    Thanks in advance _/|\_

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